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jump into your luxurious home

with just a suitcase

Plug & Play means that a house becomes your home instantly. Upon possession, what awaits you would not be bare walls and some doors, but an apartment that is fully done up and made especially for you. With Mirabilis, you start living your life of luxury as soon as you move in. It is a joy quite like no other.


life is on the move these days.

no more waiting

Plug & Play means that the choices are yours, headaches are not. Leave the tedious part of setting up a house to us. After all, your time is better spent elsewhere than at the site, getting walls painted and doors knobbed. Rest assured it’ll be worth it, not having to wait around for moving into your own luxurious apartment.


you get what you see.

what you are promised

Plug & Play makes the home buying experience seem like you’re being served on a silver platter. No compromises, no delays, no worrying about things going out of hand. We understand moving into your own home is an utterly satisfying occasion and we ensure that we live up to the promises we make and make your home buying experience an instance to remember.

Welcome to a whole new breed of homes and a unique process of buying a home. Mirabilis is a trendsetting residential real estate project which allows you to choose from a wide selection of ready-to-live-in homes that come with a novel set of thoughtful amenities.

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